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Your personal data and privacy protection in Health Center Amstelveld

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The English version of this privacy statement is our own freely translation of the original Dutch text and for that reason no rights may be derived from it.  The original Dutch version is the only authenticated.


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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new European law destined to protect privacy and personal data. It regulates the obligations of organizations that use personal data and the rights of those whose data is used. This general law comes together with the specific regulations of privacy in the health sector as given in the Medical Treatment Contract Act (WGBO). This Code of Conduct is meant to inform you about your rights and our obligations according GDPR and WGBO.

Health Center Amstelveld

The number of your personal data is handled in our practice. This is the necessity in order to provide you appropriate medical care and arrange financial settlement of your treatments. Furthermore, it may be of utmost importance in case of imminent serious danger for your health or as the legal obligation (e.g. legal obligation to report contagious diseases according the Public Health Act).

The obligations of Health Center Amstelveld

In light of GDPR, Health Center Amstelveld is responsible for administrating your personal data and therefore complies with the following obligations:

  • Your personal data is collected for the specific goals
  • Provision of medical care
  • Effective management and policy
  • Support for scientific research, education and studies
  • In principle your data is not used for other purposes
  • You will be informed that your personal data is going to be used; that information will be provided by your health caretaker, a folder or via our website.
  • All employees of Health Center Amstelveld are obliged to handle your personal data with highest confidentiality
  • Your personal data is fully secured against unauthorized access
  • Your personal data will not be kept longer than necessary for appropriate health care

In general, medical data is kept for the period of 15 years from the last treatment, unless a longer period is required for the reason of your health or health of your children. The decision of that lies with your health caretaker.

Your rights as the involved party

You, being patient, have the following rights:

  • The right to know whether and which of your personal data is used
  • The right for insight and copy of your data (unless it intrudes the privacy of others)
  • The right to correct, add or delete your personal data if it might be needed
  • The right to request (partial) deletion of your medical record. This may be granted only in case when keeping your record has no further importance and is not legally required.
  • The right to add a personal statement (of the medical nature) to your record.
  • The right to object the usage of your data in certain circumstances.

In case you would like to use your rights, please notify Health Center Amstelveld either verbally or via request form. Your interest may also be represented by a designated person (e.g. a curator or mentor or someone with written power of attorney).

Request Form Explanation

Please keep in mind that it is legal requirement to keep your medical record for the period of maximal 15 years. The accurate completion of the request form would be of a great help in speedy location of your record and protection of your privacy. We will handle all data provided in the request form with the utmost confidentiality. Health Center Amstelveld is not liable for any complication in mail delivery. If you prefer to collect your record personally or by the designated person, please notify that clearly in the request form.

Patient record

Here you fill in the data of the person whose medical record is in question. Medical Treatment Contract Act (WBGO) treats the patients as adults from the age of 16 and those patients, if they desire it, have to request the insight or copy of their records themselves. In case the patient is deceased, the provision of the medical record is permitted in case of an assumption that the patient in question would have no objection for that if still alive or there is the considerable importance to breach the confidentiality obligation of the medical caretaker. The decision of the latter is with the caretaker.

Disclosure of your personal data to the third parties

The employees of the Health Center Amstelveld are obliged to handle your personal data with confidentiality. This means that disclosure of your data to the third parties may not under any circumstances be done without your permission. However, there are some exceptions. The confidentiality obligation may be breached by the court order or when there is imminent serious danger for your health of health of the others. Furthermore, some data from the medical record may verbally, in written form or digitally be shared with other medical caretakers (e.g. the pharmacists may receive additional data necessary for handling of drug prescription).

Exchange of your personal data

Health Center Amstelveld may, with your explicit permission, confidentially and in the safe manner share relevant medical data with General Practice Service Center (“Huisartsenpost”) via National Data Exchange Point (“Landelijke Schakelpunt”). In case you have contacted or visited Huisartsenpost in the evening or during the weekend, Huisartsenpost will share this information and findings with Health Center Amstelveld and your GP is going to be informed about your complaints and eventual treatment. Also the data about the medications you use may be shared with your pharmacy or medical specialist. It considers not only the medications prescribed by your GP but also the information about certain intolerance, contra indications or allergies (ICA data), important to be taken into consideration in case of additional prescriptions. This is how our practice contributes to safe medication usage.

Transfer of your medical record

In case you change your physician, it is important that your new GP is aware of your medical history. This history is saved in your medical record and it is a common practice to transfer that record from your old to your new GP. Usually your old GP does it in a speedy manner, generally within a month after you request to transfer your medical record to the new GP is received. Your medical record may be transferred by your GP personally or via registered mail. You cannot get the original record; however you can get the insight or the copy of your record at any given moment. If possible, your record may also be sent to your new GP via e-mail but it requires highly secured internet connection between both physicians.

Question or complaint

Do you have any question or complain related to how we handle and share your personal data? Please do notify our physicians or our Medical Practice Manager who will be happy to address your concerns and give necessary answers.